Zeedee زيدي        

Women's Leadership Through Football Initiative, Morocco

This initiative is the collaborative effort and hard work of young Moroccan women (and even some boys) throughout the country. Realizing the potential of girls in their community, they have dedicated their time and energy by creating female youth sports programs in areas where sports and spaces for play are still dominated by males. By taking to the field, these women have shown that girls have as much right to play as the boys. Beyond that however, the initiative's true goal is to use sports to strengthen women's voices in their communities, teach the values of teamwork and discipline, promote health and exercise at an early age and ultimately create a network of female sports leaders across the country, particularly in rural and economically disadvantaged areas. The word zeedee in Moroccan Arabic means to move forward, to continue; to add just a little bit more. We are trying to help girls do just that with this initiative.